Bishop Briggs. (Photo: Contributed)

It’s time for our round-up of our favorite songs of the week.

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Throwback of the week:
Bill Morrissey was one of the most underrated songwriters in history. Watch the late Morrissey perform his incredible “Robert Johnson” below from a 1999 show. The song chronicles the last years of Blues legend Robert Johnson who, according to legend, sold his soul to the devil so he could play guitar.

Song of the Week
This summer-esque weather is ripe for a good pop song. Our favorite song of this week is from pop artist Bishop Briggs called “Tempt My Trouble.” The bassline, chorus and HUM-ability is all there. It’s a true earworm of a song. Her album “Church of Scars” is available now. Listen to “Tempt My Trouble” below.

Other highlights:

“Motel 6” by River Whyless

“Every 1s  a Winner” by Ty Segall

“I’ve Hurt Worse” by Courtney Marie Andrews

“Further Away” by Sam Valdez

All the tracks we enjoyed this week can be found in our ongoing Spotify Playlist: