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Last week, I shared about supplements for mothers-to-be but now want to address the flip side of that conversation: proper nutrition and health for newborns.

For the most part, Nutrition World does not advocate for newborn supplementation since breast milk is rich in nutrients; if, however, a baby starts experiencing digestive upset, acid reflux or gas, the mother could use an elimination diet to see if certain foods are causing problems, such as spicy foods, gluten and dairy. If foods like these are eliminated and tummy issues remain for the baby, an infant probiotic could be added to improve immune health in the gut, where digestion and the breakdown of food occurs. Adding in these beneficial bacteria could be helpful for an infant’s growing digestive tract.

At Nutrition World, we proudly carry a medical grade liquid infant probiotic that could be dropped into the baby’s mouth or on the mother’s breast during feeding. It’s important to make sure a probiotic is cleanly sourced and properly dosed to ensure it does not upset the baby’s stomach. Additionally, our new baby line, Wellements, is a USDA-certified organic and non-gmo line of natural supplements for babies with experiencing constipation and upset stomach.

Not all mothers can or want to breastfeed, and I support a mother’s decision to choose what is best for her baby. It is important for mothers to choose a healthy, clean infant formula that doesn’t contain GMO ingredients, unhealthy hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. All of these ingredients wreak havoc on a growing—or even established—digestive tract. If the formula lacks colostrum or beneficial bacteria, then adding one or both is key. If you have questions about these, just stop by and ask us. We will gladly walk you through this process.

During your visit, we can also recommend skin-care products to protect your infant’s skin, the largest organ they have. Caring for skin is all about selecting clean products with ingredient lists you can read and understand. We have a line named Earth Mama Angel Baby that is approved to be used in Vanderbilt’s NICU unit on babies immediately from birth. This brand is passionate about catering to both pregnant women, moms and babies through their use of clean, plant-based ingredients.

Last of all, we can answer questions you have about choosing cloth diapers. This decision alone can protect the environment from unneeded waste and also be a safe decision for your infant’s skin, often reducing diaper rashes and irritations. We are proud to partner with Wee Care Diaper, a local service that delivers cloth diapers and cleans used ones for you. This means no more dirty diapers in the trash can and no more of you having to wash your own cloth diapers. It’s a win-win situation, no doubt.

When making decisions for your infant, trust your intuition, complete research and find a support group of women, doulas and midwives. What works for one mom may not work for another, and we realize that. We just hope to be a place of support, guidance and knowledge, one major reason we are hosting a Health & Wellness from Bump to Baby event on May 20th from 2-4 pm in our Wellness Corner.

There, a panel of ladies will talk more about supplementation, cloth diapers, natural childbirth, birth photography, pregnancy safe herbs and clean skin-care options. This information-rich event only costs $5 per person. To sign up and reserve your spot, click here .

Cady Jones is co-owner of Nutrition World , which opened in 1979 with the priority of offering Chattanooga’s best selection of health products that meet high standards for quality.