Hixson High School students are in the running to win $75,000. (Photo: Contributed)

Hixson High School students are a step closer to winning $75,000 for the school’s art program.

Students created shoes decorated with beloved, recognizable Chattanooga scenes to enter into a national competition for iconic shoe company, Vans.

Last month, the entry made it into the top 50, and then members of the public voted the local design into the top five.


Hixson High School joins schools from Louisiana, Kansas, New Jersey and Hawaii for the finals.

The grand prize winner will get a lunchtime party with Vans representatives, as well as the cash prize.

Four runner-up schools will get $10,000 for their arts programs, according to the contest’s website. 

In addition to the shoe design, students had to submit an impact document with information about how students and the community would benefit from winning $75,000.

The students created shoes decorated with beloved, recognizable Chattanooga scenes, including Ruby Falls, Rock City, the Incline Railway, the Chattanooga Choo Choo, Point Park, and cultural icons like the Delta Queen and the Cherokee Water Spider.

The Tennessee River also runs through both shoes, bringing them together.

The students involved in decorating the shoes were Charlie Dickerson, Alia Smith, Michaela Roberts, Logan Summers, Addison Flannigan, Luke Pfennig, Jade Sharp, Amy Gonzales, Sarah Bargerstock, Josh Green, Tori Gifford, Jocelyn Salter, Suhani Patel, Amanda Lin and Devin Goforth.