Michael Henry is running for school board. (Photo: Contributed)

A local entrepreneur, who has spent time teaching in classrooms, recently shared more about his background and stressed the importance of respect in politics.

Michael Henry taught at several local schools while working on his master’s degree, and he’s founded his own company.

In a recent news release, he said:

In response to this tough world of politics, I wanted to communicate who I am to my community to resolve any confusion.

I am the proud son of two Air Force Veterans.

I grew up in a household blessed, not by money, but by two strong parents.

Respect was the primary rule ingrained into my being. Respect does not have eyes to see differences, nor does it have emotions to make it waiver when a situation is challenging.

For this reason, I am running for Hamilton County school board.

I am an educator, businessman and entrepreneur focused on our community. Those who need the respect and attention of adults the most right now are our students.

I completed my MBA at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga as well as graduate certificates of strategic human resource leadership and business analytics.

While completing my degrees, I was blessed with the opportunity to work in East Lake Academy of Fine Arts, Howard School of Academics and Brainerd High School in mathematics classrooms.

I also worked in UTC’s Graduate College of Business where I served as an assistant for the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program and worked as a mentor in UTC’s Center for Global Education in the study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders Program, [which was] focused on social entrepreneurship.

After being a mentor, educator, and student I applied my data, HR, and administrative lessons to the marketing field as a strategic data analyst, digital media specialist and a marketing performance auditor.

In these roles, I have run social media accounts, built websites, studied website behavior, presented multimillion-dollar marketing plans to clients, analyzed the performance of copy, helped create budgets, developed predictive and adaptable models, and communicated to people on all channels.

Having had experience with entrepreneurs in my past, I discovered I could no longer service them at an agency with large clients. Thus, I founded my own company which teaches other small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs best practices for business and marketing strategy.

I spend a lot of my time in the Innovation District auditing performance of businesses’ efforts and creating strategic plans based on data-informed insights.

I will continue to bring this knowledge and experience to my community and our county schools.

The facts are in the data.

It is time for us to respect one another so we can work together for our future.

We are Hamilton County and our students need us to reach out a hand to be there for our neighbors. Together, we can.