New mothers are offered a holistic approach. (Photo: MGNOnline)

Current mothers, soon-t0-be mothers and expectant mothers are invited to an empowerment and wellness workshop on Sunday afternoon.

From Bump to Baby: Holistic Pregnancy Care will be from 2 to 4 p.m. at Nutrition World’s 6237 Vance Road Suite 8 location.

The workshop will feature a panel discussion from wellness experts, health vendors and light refreshments.


More information is here. 

From a news release:

Women are strong, courageous beings that carry a precious life inside for 9 months. After those 9 months, no matter how the woman chooses to feed her baby (breast or formula) she gives her all. Then as the years go by no matter where life takes these mamas or babies, some things never change that she will want the absolute best life possible for her child. We feel a great movement to be a resource, a guide and a light in this community of mothers, soon to be mothers or expectant mothers. This birthed the idea of Holistic Pregnancy Care.

All involved in this event believe strongly that there is not a one size fits all on how health and wellness when it comes to women and babies. However, we feel the desire to bring a gathering together of women who have stories, practices and different options that simply shed light on options that may not be aware of.

The intention behind this day will be to have a comfortable open discussion with a panel of 6 women discussing their businesses, modalities, practices and how they could help you on your journey with motherhood; no matter your current path.

Nutrition World will be open for an hour after the workshop.