Dynamo Director Santosh Sankar announced Founders Camp last week at Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest tour. (Photo: Contributed)

Chattanooga-based logistics investor Dynamo announced a new four-day camp aimed at early stage startups that are working to transform global trade and commerce.

“When we took a pause last year and reflected on our first year of operations at Dynamo, a bit thing we identified as a strength was helping founders meaningfully build their business,” Dynamo Director Santosh Sankar said. “When you focus on trade and commerce, where we spend our time is on things that can transform supply chains and transportation.”

Dynamo has a wide range of connections and resources that have proved helpful for founders with everything from landing partnerships and contracts to marketing, he said.


The new venture is called Founders Camp and it aims to help leaders build their businesses through operator-led workshops, in addition to providing “meaningful traction” through introductions to industry leaders, potential customers and partners at both median and large Fortune 500 companies.

“We have an amazing network,” Sankar said. “We can pair them with people and 20-30 minutes of advice can be life-changing for their business.”

The camp is free. Dynamo isn’t charging or asking for equity in participating businesses, and Sankar said helping founders improve benefits everyone involved.

Applications are currently open for the camp, which is slated for October 8-12.

Dynamo announced the camp at last week’s Rise of the Rest tour stop in Chattanooga.

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