Food & Wine Magazine said, “The food is worth the trip alone, but the vibe is also what makes this spot so special, and epitomizes the hipness of Chatt.” (Photo: Contributed)

A Chattanooga establishment has one of the best burritos in the United States, according to Food & Wine Magazine. 

The publication set out to find the best burrito in all 50 states and Chattanooga’s The Flying Squirrel took the Tennessee spot.


“We’re flattered to be named best burrito in Tennessee, though we know there are many great contenders across the state more deserving than us,” co-owner Max Poppel said via email.

The magazine highlighted the Southside eatery’s Korean barbecue burrito as well as it’s general vibe and award-winning architectural design.

Poppel gave some insight for the burrito’s inspiration:

This burrito was born from our need to change our longstanding breakfast burrito, combined with our love for yummy Eastern sauces. Gochujang is the main flavor in the sauce, and if you don’t know about it, you’re missing out on life. Think sriracha but better, rounding out the spicy with sweet, savory, and just plain umami.