The 300 Building will be turned into a boutique hotel. (Photo: Staff)

A downtown apartment building will be turned into a Hotel Indigo.

Chattanooga developer ViaNova Development has plans to convert the 300 apartment building, which is located at Pine and Sixth streets, into the boutique hotel.

ViaNova partner Vic Desai said in early May that he was still working on project details and declined at that time to provide more information.


On Friday, he confirmed that the building would be a Hotel Indigo but said there was no timeline and he could share more information later.

ViaNova Development told residents of the 300 building that no leases would be renewed.

Heather Everett with ViaNova said in an email to residents:

It looks as though the complex will, in fact, be turned into a hotel and will not be continuing on as an apartment complex. I do not asof yet have any dates for you as to when construction will begin nor when everyone will need to be out of the building. As I said before, we will give everyone at least 90 days notice before we do anything major to the building.

The Times Free Press spoke with Desai, who said that the new hotel fits in with the vibe of the recently dubbed West Village area, which includes the new downtown Westin hotel.

ViaNova also purchased the Chattanooga Workspace building, which is adjacent to the apartments, and houses dozens of artists, makers and other creatives.