When two Chattanooga lawyers bought the bottling rights to Coca-Cola, they helped lock in a low price for the popular beverage. (Photo: MGNOnline)

This week, NPR featured a short video explaining why the price of Coca-Cola didn’t change for 70 years, and part of the answer involves Chattanooga.

When two Chattanooga lawyers bought the rights to bottle Coke, they helped lock in the low price.

The video teaser explains:

Think about how crazy that is: Between 1886 and the late ’50s, you had two world wars, prohibition, the Great Depression. But through it all, one constant in life was the nickel Coke.

This is the story of how two lawyers from Chattanooga struck a deal with the president of Coca-Cola that led to the company’s pricing lockdown.

Check out the video for more.