D’Andre Anderson will run against the District 9 Hamilton County School Board incumbent Steve Highlander. (Photo: Contributed)

Hamilton County School Board District 9 candidate D’Andre Anderson officially launched his campaign against incumbent and Chairman Steve Highlander.

Anderson said he aims to refocus the school board on diversity, work on the Teacher and Student Advisory Council, improve school conditions and increase effective communication between communities and the school board.

“I spent 11 years in District 9 schools, where raising voices was my highest priority,” Anderson said in a prepared statement. “It will be my highest priority on the school board, as well.”


He hopes to be able to represent his entire district’s interests at the school board.

I will listen to the community and act on every family’s concerns,” Anderson said. “I will be fair and represent every school and every part of our district. I’m here to better our students’ lives, give our teachers a voice, and make Hamilton county be the best it can be.”