Johnthony Walker appeared at a preliminary hearing in this file photo. After being convicted in connection with the Woodmore bus crash, Walker is facing new charges in Davidson County. (Photo: Staff)

Days after a local judge denied his appeal for a reduced sentence but said he didn’t find  Johnthony Walker to be a dangerous offender, the man convicted of the Woodmore School bus crash has been arrested on a charge of aggravated statutory rape.

Nashville’s News Channel 5 reported that Walker was charged and booked in Davidson County.

After the news broke Friday, the Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office said it would file a motion to revoke Walker’s bond.


The station cited the arrest report and also reported that Walker admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old on five occasions while he was staying with the teen’s family.

The bond was set at $350,000, Channel 5 also reported.

Walker was driving on Talley Road in November 2016 when he crashed while driving back from Woodmore Elementary School. The incident shook the community, led to 33 criminal charges for Walker, multiple lawsuits and prompted discussions about seat belts on school buses.

A local judge recently sentenced Walker to four years in prison and he was out on bond.

News Channel 9’s Katherine Marchand has more about the situation.