Parents can sit at the concession bar and use the Wi-Fi while their children bounce. (Photo: Staff)

There’s a new kids attraction in town.

Local entrepreneur Chris Beasley—who also owns Jalic Blades—opened Red Bank Bounce house last week.

“In Michigan, there was a place like this my kids liked to go to but there wasn’t one here,” Beasley, who moved here in 2015,  said. “There’s nothing like this in the area for kids. There’s nothing indoors for kids but there is now.”

The new 5,000-square-foot indoor bounce area offers children the chance to play on a variety of different inflatable bounce houses.

Red Bank Bounce is located at 2011 Dayton Blvd. (Photo: Staff)

The business is in the space where Cairn Yoga used to be, and offers something for children age 11 and younger to do even on rainy or hot days, Beasley said.

There’s a sitting area and free Wi-Fi available for parents, too.

Beasley said the 2011 Dayton Blvd. location is convenient.

“People want to live in North Chattanooga people want to live in this area but there [aren’t] the facilities here or the services or the businesses they want to visit, so I think Red Bank is perfectly situated to serve South Hixson, Red Bank itself, North Chattanooga and Signal Mountain,” he said.

Children under the age o 11 are welcome at the facility. (Photo: Staff)

Parents have to sign a waiver before their children can bounce. That can be done online or at the facility.

Birthday parties will be available for booking within the next two weeks.

The hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday but may be subject to change when the school year begins.