Moxy Chattanooga will be located at 1220 King Street. (Architectural Rendering, Base-4, 3H Group Hotels)

When Marriott’s new Moxy Chattanooga opens on King Street this fall, guests will enjoy a hotel experience that is anything but traditional.

Developers and staff hosted a preview event on Main Street Tuesday evening to introduce local media to the hotel concept and “playful, experiential” brand. The night featured a showroom model of what one of the 108-rooms will look like, a complimentary cocktail (all guests receive one at check-in) and an inflatable flamingo filled with pit balls and Moxy ephemera.

In addition to the preview, a “casting call” was announced for crew members to join the Moxy team. The gathering will be held at the Event Hall at Chattanooga Whiskey on July 24 from 4 to 8 p.m. No résumés are required and applicants are encouraged to “come as you are” and drink cocktails, eat ice cream and mingle with others.


“Moxy has a unique culture and approach to customer service, which is to focus on delivering an authentic, memorable and fun experience to our guests,” Hiren Desai, CEO of 3H Group Hotels said. “Often this means crew members are doing it all — checking in a guest, serving a drink, playing Jenga or singing karaoke in the common areas … [they] are truly the ones who heighten the guest experience by showing our guests how to join in on the fun an Play On.”

The showcase model of Moxy Chattanooga room. (Photo: Staff)

The four-story building will include both indoor and outdoor living rooms, a 24/7 self-service beverage and food concept and multiple plug-ins for devices. Chattanooga will be the only mid-sized city to maintain a Moxy hotel joining larger cities like Nashville, Memphis, Chicago, New Orleans, Minneapolis, New York, Denver and Washington D.C.

Kelly Helton is the assistant general manager at Moxy Chattanooga. She said as soon as guests arrive, a set of footprints on the floor lead you to the check-in desk which doubles as a bar. The bartenders will be the first interaction and guests will receive a complimentary “Got Moxy” cocktail. Guests can also purchase a variety of naan (Indian flatbreads) depending on the time of day.

Like the lobby, the individual rooms are quirky but are designed to be a more utilitarian space. Notably, none of the rooms have closets or irons.

“Marriott did some demographic studies and saw that some young travelers aren’t using the closet space,” she said. “Instead, the beds will have drawers underneath to maximize the space.”

Likewise, the ironing facility will be a separate room with a large picture of a “tattooed, muscled-out” guy to keep you company as you iron out the wrinkles.

The real fun is outside the rooms in the communal areas where guests can mingle at the several bars, enjoy a game of foosball, beer pong or Jenga and get to know the eclectic staff (aka Crew Members).

Although the Moxy’s key demographic is “the millennial-minded traveler,” Helton said the concept is for anybody who wants to have fun.

“There’s not a ton of space in the rooms because we want you to be out and about, enjoying the lobby space and the amenities available throughout the city,” she said. “It is targeted for those travelers who enjoy living out of a suitcase. It’s all about enjoying the city.”

Check out photos of the preview party below:

“Thank you for being a friend.” (Photo: Staff)
At any moment, crew members might challenge guests to a round of Jenga. Photo: Staff)
Preview party guests enjoy the inflatable flamingo ball pit. (Photo: Staff)
The old-school phones are functional, but the middle button is for a special bedtime story. (Photo: Staff)