ChattLab is located in the Business Development Center in North Chattanooga. (Photo: Staff)

A local makerspace is hosting a summer workshop series with courses ranging from low-level computer programming to laser cutting.

ChattLab has nine remaining workshops scheduled this summer with plans for regular classes throughout the rest of the year.

“This costs very little money and it’s an inexpensive way to learn something new and gain some skills that you may not already have,” ChattLab co-founder and Treasurer Jeff Johnson said. “These courses could help you in your professional, personal, or hobby life.”


There’s an intro to Python class Wednesday and a session about Arduino on July 23.

Although all of the classes are taught by ChattLab members, membership is not required to participate in the events.

ChattLab leaders stressed that while members currently teach all of the courses, they would be willing to allow a nonmember to direct a class.

“We are always looking for people in the public who want to teach a workshop on a certain subject,” Johnson said. “If someone has something they would like to share with the community, we would hear them out and provide access to our space and resources.”

Along with the workshops, the nearly 3,000 square foot workspace houses a wide array of tools and equipment, including a 3D printer and laser cutter.

The organization, which restarted in 2016, is also an educational nonprofit, with all of the funds from both membership and the workshop courses going directly to the utilities and maintenance of the space.