Bea’s Restaurant on E. 45th and Dodds. (Photo: Staff)

Charles Phoenix, known as the “Ambassador of Americana,” visited Chattanooga recently and the historic Bea’s Restaurant on Dodds Avenue.

As an author of “Addicted to America,” Phoenix hs devoted his life to celebrating classic and kitschy American life and style. The book highlights “amazing attractions, roadside wonders, festive foods, crazy car culture, and futuristic transportation via his road-trip discoveries and found vintage Kodachrome slides.”

He published a Facebook video on July 12 as a part of his “F I E L D T R I P” series. In the video — which has more than 250,000 views — Phoenix says of Bea’s that “it’s the best Southern food I’ve ever had.”


Watch the full video below:

Bea’s Restaurant is located at the 4500 block of Dodds Avenue. Aside from the price, Bea’s recipes have remained unchanged since it opened in 1950.