Several local organizations are working on a citywide effort to increase consumer credit literacy and help community members raise credit scores to 720.

The second annual CHA720 campaign is slated for July 20.

The event will take place at three different locations—Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, Consumer Credit Counseling Service and Operation Hope from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The campaign encourages Chattanoogans to set an appointment with one of several different agencies around the city to receive free one on one professional credit counseling.


Raising credit scores to 720 can help create financial independence.

Having a higher credit score means that opening lines of credit for large purchases, renting an apartment, and obtaining lower interest rates are much easier than with a lower score.

Registration and credit report check is free.

Register for the event at the website.

For more information call 423-756-6243.