The Coolidge Park carousel. (Photo: Ashley Day)

What will the next 10 years of public art look like in Chattanooga?

Public Art Chattanooga is launching a community engagement campaign to develop a strategic plan that will guide the future of public art in Chattanooga.

CHA Creates: A Public Art Vision will “creatively shape a public art framework and identify specific sites, areas of focus and project themes for the next ten years.


“Public Art Chattanooga has successfully delivered on many of the goals of the community visioning process that initiated our program in 2003,” said Ellen Simak, Chair of the Public Art Commission. “CHA Creates will define funding policies and administrative procedures for Public Art Chattanooga and help us identify critical opportunities for future projects throughout our city.”

has hired two nationally-renowned public art consultants, Gail Goldman and Barbara Goldstein, to help facilitate input sessions and work with a highly engaged group of community organizations and individuals in the development of the public art plan.

“Gail and Barbara are experts in the field and they will work with us to learn what Chattanoogans see as the role of public art in our city,” Simak said. “We know that public art has many benefits for neighborhoods, businesses, residents, and visitors and we want for Public Art Chattanooga to enhance everyone’s experience here.”

The first community input session will take place tonight at The Spot venue from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. 

Contribute your ideas here.