Cynthia Wood and Antonia Poland will continue their venture Dipped Fresh while opening a new restaurant in Cambridge Square. (Photo: Contributed)

After finding success with their catering company Dipped Fresh, two local businesswomen are bringing a new restaurant to Ooltewah’s Cambridge Square.

Antonia Poland and Cynthia Wood have been active in the Chattanooga catering community for six years, and their new concept, called Davis Wayne’s, is a comfort, soul food concept will replace Ceniza, which recently closed.

“For years we have received requests to open a restaurant that would allow our catering customers to eat the food they love so much on a regular basis,” Wood said in a prepared statement.


Davis Wayne’s will be located in a ground floor space on the public square that offers table seating as well as traditional lunch counter accommodations.

There will also be covered outdoor seating.

The restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner, with tentative plans to begin serving breakfast once operations have been underway for several months.

“Our concept is an upscale meat and three that focuses on fresh ingredients and a healthier take on classic favorites,” Wood also said. “The name of the restaurant is derived from a combination of my fathers’ names.”

Wood’s stepfather’s last name is Davis and her late father’s name was Wayne, she said.

“Our concept is steeped in family tradition and [chock-full] of recipes that come from our grandmothers,” she also said.

To help get the new location off the ground the duo created a Kickstarter campaign that offers dollar for dollar rewards, among other perks.

The duo will also continue with their catering business.

“One of the many charms of the Ooltewah community is its balance of new and traditional concepts,” Cambridge Square Marketing Director Jim Cheney said. “With Davis Wayne’s, Ms. Poland and Ms. Wood are bringing a little bit of both.”