The Company Lab is partnering with Unum. (Photo: Contributed)

The Company Lab and Unum have formalized a new partnership to leverage Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial strengths and leadership.

The partnership will begin in August with the goal of enhancing health and well-being in the region.

“We are excited to kick off a partnership that will offer real-world insight into the challenges industry leaders encounter and explore how startups can provide unique solutions,” Co. Lab CEO Marcus Shaw said in a prepared statement.


Unum’s investment into the collaborative effort includes funding and access to its line of experts.

Co. Lab will connect entrepreneurs and technology talent to Unum’s extensive insights into the employee benefits market, according to a news release.

The two companies will work together to apply entrepreneurial thinking and advanced problem solving to health and wellness opportunities both inside and outside of Chattanooga.

“Our partnership with Co. Lab allows Unum to support the small, more nimble companies that will drive change in our industry,” Unum Chief Information and Digital Officer Puneet Bhasin said.

Unum Group, one of the area’s largest employers.

Since launching in 2010, The Company Lab has played a critical role in strengthening Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial environment and cultivating economic opportunities for both nascent and established companies.

The organization leverages the area’s competitive assets such as its advanced broadband infrastructure and its strategic location to major markets like Nashville, Atlanta and Birmingham.

“This partnership illustrates how corporate and entrepreneurial ecosystems can work together to foster digital innovation and accelerate results,” Shaw said.

To learn more about Unum’s workplace initiatives and social responsibility commitments, visit their website.

For more information about resources available to entrepreneurs at The Company Lab visit their website.