Three local eateries will be featured on the Cooking Channel’s show “Southern and Hungry” next week.

The Purple Daisy Picnic Café, Main Street Meats and Syrup and Eggs will be highlighted on a segment of the show called “Chattanooga Chew.”

“It was a really fun experience,” Chef Erik Niel who co-owns Main Street Meats said. “We had a great experience cooking with the crew. I’m excited to see what it looks like.”

The show’s hosts are friends Southern food expert Damaris Phillips and NASCAR personality Rutledge Wood and they are obsessed with all things Southern, according to the show’s website.


“They are funny and fun to be with,” Purple Daisy Picnic Café owner Tony Davis said of the hosts.

Davis and Syrup and Eggs owner Ocia Hartley said their shoots happened over two days, and the hosts picked a few dishes at each location to feature.

“It certainly takes a lot of people to film a show,” Hartley said via email. “I believe there was 14 staff from Cooking Channel in the restaurant.”

And the restaurateurs said exposure like this has the potential to boost business.

Being featured on a local show helped boost the Purple Daisy Picnic Café’s profile, Davis said.

Niel said he’s been fortunate to be on a couple shows throughout his career.

“Every time it happens, it is a boom to business and definitely a feather in your hat,” he said.

For Hartley, the show might help her business and she sees another benefit.

“It will also give people a view into our tiny kitchen and why we do things the way we do,” she said.

The first airing is slated for Aug. 13 at 9 p.m. There are also other show times.

Updated at 7:56 a.m. on Aug. 14 to identify Niel as the owner of Main Street Meats. Niel also owns Easy Bistro, which was originally mentioned in this story, but Easy Bistro isn’t featured on the Cooking Channel series.